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ASTA strengthens E-Mobility footprint with new plant in China

With the groundbreaking ceremony for a new E-Mobility plant in July, ASTA has opened a new chapter. The ~1,000m2 large facility, complete with its own research laboratory, is built next to an existing plant in Baoying, China. It meets the high requirements of the automotive industry and the E-Mobility sector. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The globally active Austrian company ASTA is expanding its expertise in the field of electricity-powered mobility. Following the presentation of cutting-edge, high-performance insulated flat wires for 800V and 400V applications for electric vehicles at CWIEME Shanghai, the groundbreaking ceremony for the new ASTA E-Mobility plant in Baoying, Jiangsu Province, took place in July. Among the attendants of the ceremony for the new ASTA site were the Deputy Mayor of Yangzhou, the District Governor of Baoying, the Secretary of Baoying Development Zone and the Managing Director of ASTA China, Thomas Michenthaler. It is a starting point to be able to produce various products for the e-mobility market in China, especially targeting 800V PEEK (Polyetheretherketone isolated conductors) market, but not only.

“The new E-Mobility plant is an essential building block to achieve our long-term strategic goals and continuously advance on our ambitious growth map until 2030. Our focus, besides strengthening our prominent position in the power generation and transmission industries, is to expand into manufacturing highest-quality copper components for E-Mobility applications, in the automotive sector and beyond.” said Dr. Karl Schäcke, CEO of ASTA.

ASTA has been in business in Baoying, China, since 2002 and has a track record of success. Over the years, the company has been dedicated to serving its esteemed customers in the energy sector, providing top-quality custom-made copper components specifically designed for high-performance power generators and transformers, as well as applications for the automotive industry, and was recently awarded the “Best Supplier Award 2022” by Shandong Electrical Engineering Equipment Group Co (SDEE).

Acknowledging the dynamic shift in the global landscape and the increasing demand for sustainable mobility solutions, ASTA is embarking on an exciting new venture. In line with its forward-thinking vision, the company is investing in a state-of-the-art factory, signaling its entry into the rapidly expanding electric mobility sector in China. By venturing into the electric mobility business, ASTA aims to leverage its extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality components to cater to the emerging needs of electric vehicle manufacturers.

A beacon for the future of the region

ASTA’s new E-mobility plant is also a beacon for the region’s future, creating many new job opportunities. The Deputy Mayor of Yangzhou emphasized this during the groundbreaking ceremony, which coincided with a special day in the Chinese lunar calendar.

 “Since its establishment in 2002, ASTA has received support and encouragement at all levels, enabling it to become a leading company in China and to invest in new projects in line with the energy transition. We are thankful for the backing and look forward to gaining a foothold in the growing Chinese E-Mobility sector” said Thomas Michenthaler, Managing Director of ASTA China, at the ceremony.

About ASTA Group

The ASTA Group, headquartered in Oed, Austria, has evolved into a globally operating company since its establishment in 1814. With six locations in Austria, Bosnia, Brazil, India, and China, ASTA employs 1,400 employees and is a hidden champion, manufacturing tailor-made copper components for high-performance generators and transformers, the e-mobility sector, and special applications. In the fiscal year 2022, the ASTA Group generated revenues of 480 million euros. With over 200 years of experience and expertise in the production and advancement of precisely insulated flat and round copper wires, as well as special copper components using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, ASTA is a trusted partner to leading energy technology manufacturers worldwide, such as Siemens Energy, Hitachi, Andritz AG, and Mitsubishi. Sustainability is deeply embedded in ASTA’s corporate strategy, and the group takes a pioneering role in the industry with its in-house copper recycling capabilities. Since 2022, the company, in collaboration with partners, has been developing a circular copper economy and actively shapes the global energy transition in a resource-efficient, energy-efficient, and ecologically sustainable manner, striving for the best possible ecological footprint.