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With energy consumption on the rise and our climate’s time running out, the chance for incremental improvements has passed. We are in need of drastically optimizing the efficiency of existing systems. Let the energy crisis be of yesterday.


Why we care

Since 1814 we have specialized in working with conductive metals, producing energy transmission components to harness electricity.

Our world-class innovative technologies enhance the potential of energy solutions by reducing resistance and improving efficiency in high-voltage transformers, generators, e-motors and more.

To drive the global transition to green energy, we recycle and provide next-level components today, while researching and developing even more advanced solutions for tomorrow.

Join us for e‑powered positive change.

We power innovation

Cutting‑edge e‑solutions

ASTA Group provides solutions for the energy infrastructure. We support our global customers in pushing the limits of their technological capabilities. As an integral part of the energy transition, we promote progress in the core areas:

Power Transmission & Generation

Solutions for large power transformers and generators


Solutions for EV (electric vehicle) motors, battery connections, lock drive systems, actuators and ring motors.

Special Applications

Insulated copper and aluminum wires for industrial applications as well as special solutions, e.g., for medical devices.

News & projects

How we help change the world

Glen canyon

Power for Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona: After Hoover Dam, Glan Canyon is America's largest hydroelectric power plant and was built in the mid-20th century. Since the generator set-up, ASTA components in the eight power generators provide 1,320 megawatts of power, supplying the population of five states with green electricity.

Dogger Bank

3.6 gigawatts of electricity for 6 million households: That is the goal of the world's largest offshore wind farm north of Great Britain. ASTA developed components for the Hitachi Energy offshore and onshore transformers that enable the bundled electrical energy of the wind turbines to be transported almost loss-free up to 130 km to shore.

German Sued link

As one of Europe's first electricity highway, the Suedlink will transport green electricity from the north to the industrially strong south of Germany. With the low-loss transmission of high-voltage direct current, up to two gigawatts of power will be delivered over a distance of more than 700 kilometers. ASTA’s components will be used in the converter stations along the route and ensure that direct current is converted to alternating current in up to 10 million households for sustainable energy.

Powering EV

More power for EV motors, that's what ASTA`s “Powering EV” product line ensures. The components are custom designed for high performance electric vehicle motors for cars and trucks in lot size one and industrially manufactured on the new production line in China by 2023.

Siemens Vectron

The technology that connects Europe. The Siemens Vectron is a revolutionary locomotive platform designed for seamless integration into the European rail network from Norway to southern Italy. ASTA`s components in the Vectron's transformers ensure energy efficiency and performance. This enables passenger and freight traffic within Europe to travel at speeds of up to 200km, even in the different voltage systems, and without changing locomotives.

Up & Recycling initiative

Recycling conserves resources, saves energy and reduces environmental impact. Therefore, we decided to take the next step in terms of responsibility and started the pilot process " ASTA recycles " in 2022. In this upcasting process, our own copper scrap is returned to our production cycle. In the long term, our goal is to implement an efficient recycling management system together with our partners and customers.

2023 in review

Producing the crucial technology for sustainable energy solutions, we continue to write a success story that was started in 1814, progressively ramping up our high level growth strategy.





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Know how on a micrometer level

Our solutions are in demand whenever maximum performance and efficiency are required, where they guarantee durability, safety and progress.

As a technology leader in the field of insulation, we create first-class quality – to the micron. We develop in lot sizes and manufacture precisely in series.

Precision at a glance using the example of continuously transposed conductors (CTCs).


Maximum proximity, maximum efficiency

With a total of six production sites in Austria, Bosnia, Brazil, India and China, ASTA is ideally positioned to provide its global customers with the best possible service for major infrastructure projects and the transition to e-mobility.