Business model and strategy

Taking the lead

Since 1814, our goal has always been to ensure reliable energy supplies with our high-efficiency copper solutions. From the early days of electrification, we have worked closely with leading industrial companies in the global energy sector.

Our business model goes beyond high-tech copper components. We are a fully committed partner to infrastructure providers worldwide, as well as the automotive industry. We think ahead, explore all the possibilities and develop custom concepts for shared growth and success.

"Innovation has been at the heart of ASTA’s development for 200 years. Let’s start the innovation drive for the coming decades!"

Dr. Karl Schäcke, CEO

Our mission
We are committed to driving forward the energy transition with highly efficient, sustainable copper technology.

Worldwide on site

ASTA headquarters, Oed, Austria

Research and Development Center

For 200 years our engineers and technicians in Oed have developed the most advanced copper components on the market, and driven forward research into insulation technology and miniaturisation. Since their establishment, our operations in Austria have been supplied with electricity from the company’s own hydro plant on the River Piesting. Following the commissioning of a new production facility in 2023, we have completely eliminated energy supplies from fossil fuels.
ASTA Bosnia and Herzegovina – Cazin

Best-cost-country plant in the heart of Europe

A state-of-the-art facility is under construction in Cazin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will soon allow us to expand our capacities and to manufacture efficiently and competitively, without compromising on quality. Together with ASTA Austria in Oed, ASTA Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of ASTA Europe. Our new facility will give our group a big leap forward.
ASTA Brazil - Cerquilho & Três Corações

Customer-Centric Excellence

At ASTA in Brazil, we are proud of to be recognized as customer‘s first choice in Latin America, since 1945. Our technology partnership is the base to optimize customers projects with the highest quality though our extensive portfolio includes cutting-edge energy components, setting a new standard in the industry. Innovation is deeply in our DNA, driving our core business forward. ASTA Brazil consists of two separate facilities: Cerquilho and Três Corações. Both work closely together to ensure a maximum of quality and service for our customers.
ASTA China – Baoying

Powering electric vehicles

Since 2005 we have delivered efficient, reliable high-tech copper solutions for China's energy infrastructure out of Baoying, China. As a supplier to the automotive industry, we are proud that our products are supporting the rapidly growing emerging e-mobility sector in Asia. We have recently completed a plant extension to cater to the needs of automotive customers in the years to come.
ASTA India - Gujara

Energy Transition with Standards

With our copper components for the energy sector, we are not only driving the energy transition in the world's fastest growing economy, but also setting new industrial standards at our production site in India. Strategically positioned in a highly dynamic region, ASTA India and ASTA China together serve the demand of our Asian customers.

The driving force behind efficient development


Our Commitment: Integrity and compliance with regulations

ASTA is synonymous with unrivalled quality and sustainable solutions. At the same time, integrity, sincerity and respect towards all our employees, customers and business partners are part of everything we do.

Our commitment to compliance does not simply involve conforming with all applicable laws, regulations and standards, including international norms; it is firmly integrated into our corporate culture by means of various company policies and guidelines.

Company history

Over 200 Years of expertise and innovation

The copper era begins

Late 17th century

At the end of the 17th century, Englishman Matthäus Rosthorn opens a metal button factory in Vienna, introducing the industrial copper fabrication process to Austria. Within a few years, the factory becomes one of the leading operations of its kind in Europe.


Strong demand for copper products necessitates greater production capacity and expansion of the business. In 1814, the Rosthorn family relocates operations to the Piestingtal region of Lower Austria.

The industrial revolution

Around 1900

Electrification begins in Austria and Germany in the period between the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century. The Stein family of industrialists takes over the company, specialising in production of insulated copper and alloy wires, cables and coils for dynamos, motors and transformers, as well as transmission lines, and becoming a firmly established energy industry supplier. ASTA was born.

After 1946

After the factory is completely destroyed at the end of the Second World War, in 1946 it is rebuilt under the direction of Leopold Stein, Jr. In the ensuing decades it undergoes numerous changes in ownership, and the business expands into China and India.

The age of digitalisation


The ASTA Group with its locations in Austria, India and China is acquired by Montana Tech Components AG, integrated into the industrial group's holding structure and actively developed.


Entry into the strategically important Brazilian market with the acquisition of the country’s market leader, PPE. Since then, ASTA has served the high-growth energy infrastructure project sector in South America from this base, as well as the key North American market.


Full integration of the ASTA Group into Montana Aerospace AG. ASTA forms the Group's Energy segment and Montana Aerospace AG has driven forward its continued growth ever since.


Acquisition of another big player in the Brazilian energy sector, copper technology expert Sao Marco, further expands the company's market position in the Americas (North, Central and South America).

Dawn of the energy transition

2023 - ongoing

The ASTA Group makes further strategic investments in China to expand its electric vehicle business, investing in new production facilities for manufacturing e-vehicle components. Research and development for this sector is carried out in Oed, while production takes place close to major e-mobility clusters in China.